Review: Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Mask

Polatam mask is a real treat! It carries a faint floral-herbal scent that reminds me of Crabtree & Evelyn stores. The kind of smell you get from natural, hand-made fragrance soaps or body lotion. I can dare say that my 20 minutes with it on is a feast for my skin and soul.

The Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Mask comes in a silky soft cupra fiber drenched in lightweight yet highly nourishing serum essence. It adheres onto the skin really well and will not leave any sticky residue whatsoever.

This particular mask is made of skin brightening and moisturizing ingredients such as oak tree sap essence, niacinamide, rose water, hyaluronic acid, licorice root extract, ceramide, dandelion leaf extract, olive leaf extract, lichen extract and so on. I couldn't find a lot of information on the oak tree sap.
Apparently it is a new ingredient rather unique to Polatam as it is featured in Polatam cream. Glow Recipe calls it an antioxidant that can deeply hydrate and strengthen the skin, which I think is true given how soft and plump my skin feels after using the mask with mainly the oak tree sap essence! My favourite ingredients here would be the niacinamide and licorice root extract, both of which are my favourites for hyperpigmentation-reducing and skin barrier strengthening.

Talking about the performance, this mask does make my skin instantly brighter and clearer after using! The result is so much better than the Common Labs Vitamin C Jel Mask that I use 2 days ago which really surprises me! My skin also feels super soft and plump. Definitely better hydrated and fed with all the nutrients inside the mask!
Polatam claims that their unique Cupro sheet adheres like your second skin which allows you to multi-task without any slippage. Well, this is only true to some extent. The essence still gathers around your chin area when the upper part starts drying up. So I ended up patting the essence back onto my forehead and chin area as well as my neck.
⏰It dried up pretty quickly though, within 20 minutes or so I can see the serum essence got completely absorbed into my skin.


In short, I love this mask, love it for its scent, wonderful texture, noticeable performance, and nice ingredients used! Definitely something I would consider repurchasing in the future when Kurator is having sales!

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