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Review of Sunday Riley's Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask

I have been using The @sundayriley Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask once a week or every other week (since last summer) with the purpose of either maintaining clear skin or as an #acne treatment. This is a bright green mask that has a very strong ingredient which is sulfur. I have never had a bad reaction to this mask but I do recommend that you use it as a spot treatment first ( that’s how my husband likes to use it) if you have very sensitive skin. I love applying it all over my face and I leave it on for about 20 minutes. I love that this mask battles acne but it never dries my skin like other masks do. This mask also reduces excess oil in my t zone which is greatly appreciated. You know what? Sometimes when I use this mask I break out a little more the next day because it’s pulling out all the impurities so I sometimes use this mask the following night as well. I only do this when my skin is really acting up. On the third day my skin is #pimple/acne free and super smooth as well! 

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