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BH Rio Palette - Swatches, Review + Eyeshadow Look

I was so shocked to see that there wasn't a single review for any BH Cosmetics palettes! I'm honored to post the first, and it's about an incredible eyeshadow palette full of intense colors and rich formulas.
This is the BH Cosmetics "Take Me Back To Brazil : Rio Edition" 35 color eyeshadow palette.
Every color in the pallete is unique and bright, with some being more shimmery and some being more matte, they all do have a touch of metallic // glitter to them.
I have personally swatched every shade in rows and it was so much fun to see the individual colors next to each other.
There was no primer used before any of eyeshadow swatches. I've never owned such a versatile product before.  It can be used to build so many creative looks both subtle or bold.
The look I created used Baby Blue and Light Green from the BH Cosmetics B2B Rio palette.
I LOVE this palette!
Thanks so much for reading!

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