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Review: Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

Ooh this is one exciting product – I’ve been a huge fan of their Water Sleeping Mask, and they’ve even launched a Lip Sleeping Mask, but now, they’ve upped the game with an Eye Sleeping Mask -squeals and hyperventilates- I mean, how cool is it to have a leave-on mask that’s gentle and yet efficacious enough for the gentle skin around your eyes?

I say…

The Packaging: Now this comes in a bottle with a cap, and an additional ceramic ball applicator (attached to a cap as well). Both are interchangeable, which makes me wonder – why didn’t they sell this with the ceramic ball applicator/cap alone? I essentially just disposed of the cap and only use the one with the applicator.

The Scent: Signature Laneige Water Sleeping Mask scent – their SleepScent that’s really soothing and fragrant without being overpowering.

The Texture: It’s a gel-like liquid that is “thick” in consistency enough to allow for a decent massage with the ceramic ball applicator (i.e. if it’s too watery, it’ll either be a dripping mess, or it’ll be absorbed too quickly and result in your skin being pulled).  After several rounds of massages with the applicator, it’s mostly absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky nor greasy afterfeel.

The Verdict: I love this! One good thing is that it doesn’t result in any formation of millia seeds, but what I absolutely love the entire scentsorial experience.

⭐ The ceramic ball applicator is cool to the touch, and extremely soothing – just one touch to the undereye area, and I go “ooohhhh” and “aahh”. It absolutely relieves the stresses of the day, and soothes my tired eyes. You have to try it to believe it! That said, the undereye area feels more hydrated, and fine lines are less visible. I do see a very slight improvement in terms of dark eye circles, but I’m not sure if it’s attributable to the product, or to the massaging (which helps improve circulation).

❤️ In any case, this is an interesting product that I actually look forward to using on a daily basis. Do remember to clean the ceramic ball applicator with a sheet of tissue after every use (which I also deem to be a slight waste of product since I have to wipe up any product on the stem of the applicator as well). Go try it for yourselffff.

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