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REVIEW: Fenty Sun Stalkr Instant Warmth Bronzer Shady Biz

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review the new Fenty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer for you. Bronzer has got to be one of my favourite makeup products! 
The packaging of this bronzer is BEYOND stunning! Matching all of Fenty’s other powder products, the compacts are octagonal and are this time a mirrored copper colour! 
Inside, you have a mirror and the product with the Fenty Beauty logo imprinted.
🌹I haven’t noticed any scent to the product, and there is next to no kick up when you swirl a brush in.
🎨Shade - This bronzer comes in 8 different shades that all seem to have neutral or golden undertones, with the exception of the darkest shade, Mocha Mami, which is very clearly red. I was pretty indecisive when it came to choosing my shade, since I wanted it to work for my skin tone whether it was now or summer when I get quite tanned. But in the end I liked the undertone of the shade Shady Biz the most.
Well, as for value, this bronzer doesn’t do too well. These bronzers are priced at $38 CAD ($30 USD) and have 0.22 oz of product. However, I would argue that because you get almost no kick back in the pan, at least you know that you will be using ALL of the product. But still, the value could be better.
Overall, I am loving this bronzer! It has great pigmentation, and it applies and blends so smoothly! I’ve literally had no issues with this bronzer blending at all, and it builds really easily as well. You can go in with a lighter hand, or build it up to be really quite deep, so I do think this shade will work for me when I am tanned.
Finish & Longevity - I think the look on the skin is a natural matte, but I don’t think there is any radiance to it. It lasts really well throughout the day though; I’ve never noticed any fading.
Comparison - Here is  a comparison to all the other bronzers I own, whether they be matte, natural or glowy.
Honestly, I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the last three weeks, so any picture you have seen of me recently has this bronzer in it too. It’s a win for me!
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