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When it comes to new products in the drugstore that I generally want to try all of, I'd say that concealer tops that list. Concealer is a must for me and I'm always on the lookout for a formula that's going to give me the coverage and finish that I personally want at a really affordable price. So, of course, with the release of the e.l.f. 16Hr Camo Concealer amid a lot of excitement and fanfare, I was dying to get my hands on it. 

In this review, I want to touch on a really peculiar thing about this concealer that I haven't personally seen in any of the reviews I've taken in, so I highly commending reading to the end. 

About:A full-coverage, 16-hour wear concealer featuring a large doe foot applicator to conceal, correct, contour and highlight for flawless skin. The highly pigmented formula is lightweight, dries matte and won't settle into fine lines or creases. Ideal for all skin types.

🎁The giant applicator seems to be a trend nowadays, especially with the wild success of the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I can’t attest to whether this is a dupe for that, but I know this is marketed to be very high coverage as well. 

🎨I chose the shade Medium Peach, which was insane because I've never picked up a shade with "Medium" in the name in my life. I tried to be careful to not choose one that was too light for me because I've been finding that as shade selections get wider and more inclusive, the light shades can end up being too light for me.

️ Now here's where it gets weird.When I first apply this concealer, it looks lighter than what I prefer. However, it blends out into a nice highlighting concealer on me. As it sets further, it ends up deepening up even more to be more like a skin tone match. 

It's not really like oxidization, which tends to happen over longer periods, it’s really just drying down darker than it applies. 

Swatch comparison: (photo above) The top swatch is the product dried down completely. The bottom swatch is freshly applied. They are the same shade of concealer.

I feel like the difference is a less pronounced on the face than it is in the swatch, but there's still a pretty significant difference. I recommend picking up a shade that’s a few shades lighter for you if you're looking for something that's going to highlight. 

When it comes to how this formula actually works, I love it. It blends out really easily with a sponge and sets rather quickly. I always set my concealer with powder, but I'm not actually sure that this one needs that. 

I have fairly deep-set eyes, so I have a bit of a shadow, but I really need a concealer that's going to work with the actual dark circles so that I don't end up looking a mess. I think the coverage on this concealer is really quite solid and helps to cover up the darkness.

When it comes to wear, I find that while this doesn't accentuate the fine lines under my eyes or settle into them, it doesn't really mask them either. I think it works best when I prep my undereye well with eye cream to make sure everything is a little bit plumper and smoother.

Throughout the day, this really maintains the coverage that it started with and it actually holds up surprisingly well to watery eyes. I actually do think this lives up to the 16hour claims - and I wonder if they used a similar formulation to a long wearing matte liquid lipstick, because I find a lot of similarities.

👍Overall, despite the absolute weirdness of the shades and the way that it sets, I really do think this is a beautiful concealer and one of the best in the drugstoreI'd do a little research to find your shade (and definitely pick one that looks too light for you in the tube) and be sure to prep your eyes for the ultimate smoothness in finish. 


Thanks for reading!


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