I got these products free to review.

I got the niu body Pina colada suger lip polish. I really like this it scrubs well but doesn't hurt your lips IIt tasts good to and I love the smell.

Byroe salmon cream this feel really nice on the skin it's very smooth it's very hydrating it does have a smell but it's not strong I think it smells kinda like lemons I really like it.

Byroe  rice cleansing sorbet. This product takes off all makeup I used alittle of this instead of using my normal makeup remover and it worked so well and it didn't leave anything behind it has a small smell like a moisturizer but I like it and you don't need much of it I just scoop alittle out with my nail and rub it on it works very well.

Byroe tomato serum. I love the mini packaging and the dropper this one's alittle thick but it you just need a drop on your cheeks and forhead alittle bit goes a long ways it's very smooth it feels very nice on the skin and it doesn't have a smell.

Byroe bell pepper serum this serum is alot more liquid it has the same packaging with the dropper it feels very nice on the skin it's very smooth and makes my skin feel amazing.

Byroe bitter green toner. This is very nice I haven't used many toners but this feels nice on the skin it makes my skin look great it has a smell that I can't really place it's not strong and it smells nice.

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