Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask - OK for sensitive skin?

Hey guys it’s Alex Diehl! 👋 Here with my very first video for Prismpop!!!
Today I’m trying out a skincare product by Real Nature. Don’t miss my next video trying out the Caudelie Vinopure! (Coming soon) 👀
Here’s my review…
🍵 About The Product: This Green Tea Face Mask is part of a multipack Called Real Nature by The Face Shop and says it’s good for sensitive skin - it contains a thin clear serum made of green tea extracted the traditional way
🎭 Application & Use: Pretty easy to put on, just had to keep squishing it on my face so all that good product can absorb into my skin.
☝ One Tip: when you’re done with a face mask, you can put it on your neck for even more use! Thanks for the pro advice, Kachina!
✨ Results: I saw a reduction in the redness of my face, it felt cooling on the skin and so hydrating my face felt like it drank a big glass of water!! 
💭 Final Thoughts: So refreshing! So natural! And it didn’t even bother my very sensitive skin. Definitely recommend trying out the Real Nature Face Masks by The Face Shop!
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