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Caudalie recently launched their Vinopure line, geared towards combo/oily acne-prone skin types, and it’s a dream. It’s formulated with breakout-fighting ingredients like naturally derived salicylic acid to decongest skin, grape seed polyphenols to prevent oil from oxidating and diminish blackheads, and a complex of essential oils to provide antiseptic properties and calm the skin. Caudalie released a toner, serum and moisturizer and I’ve tried each – let’s get into it.

Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Toner  – I use this refreshing toner in my morning routine after cleansing. It smells amazing and contains grape water to hydrate and help soothe redness. Like the rest of the Vinopure line, it contains 100 percent natural salicylic acid to decongest skin and draw out excess oil. Additionally, it contains grape seed polyphenols and a complex of essential oils to prevent excess oil from forming and calm skin. I’m a huge fan of this toner – I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and this is amazing at keeping the oiliness in my T-zone at bay, as well as helping to decongest my clogged pores. My only gripe with the toner is that it contains denatured alcohol, which is the second ingredient – denatured alcohol is great for oily skin because it absorbs quickly and and degreases skin; however, it can potentially be very drying and cause long-term damage to the skin barrier. The denatured alcohol has not irritated my skin, but I probably wouldn’t use this toner everyday – I’d rather save it for hot, sweaty days when I know my oily T-zone will be out of control. Additionally, essential oils can be very drying and irritating for some people – they don’t irritate my skin, but it’s something to take note of if you are considering this product!

Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Serum – My favorite product from the line, hands down. This powerful serum, formulated with salicylic acid, works to decongest skin; preventing blackheads, breakouts, and excess oil. It has a refreshing, medicinal scent and a lightweight gel texture that absorbs within seconds. I use this during my night routine after cleansing and toning – I also took out my regular BHA product, Sunday Riley UFO Oil, from my night routine to really test the effectiveness of this serum. I’m amazed. My skin has been relatively clear since I began using this product; if I develop breakouts, they’re often small (that usually develop as a result from testing other products) and this serum takes care of it overnight. Again, this product contains alcohol. While alcohol does make it easier for active ingredients to absorb into skin, remember, it can potentially lead to a damaged skin barrier! While I wish this product was formulated without alcohol, I still enjoy this serum and highly recommend it for those fighting oiliness and breakouts. I will most likely repurchase this serum. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin afterwards!

Vinopure Natural Oil Control Moisturizer – This gel moisturizer works to mattify skin by trapping oil and preventing future blackheads and breakouts. The gel texture feels slightly heavy, but feels lightweight when applied. I use this moisturizer in the morning, and when followed up with my normal sunscreen, I did experience some pilling. This leads me to believe I need to wait several minutes for the moisturizer to fully absorb before applying my sunscreen. Overall, I was satisfied with this moisturizer – it kept my combination skin hydrated all day and at the end of the day, the oiliness in my T-zone was minimal. This moisturizer is perfect for those hot summer days where sweating and oiliness is inevitable, but for my combination skin, I probably wouldn’t use this during the colder months. If you’re oily and are desperate to find a mattifying moisturizer without pouring setting powders on your face, this one is definitely worth a shot!

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