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🥰PrismPop Q&A: Multiple Pictures? Video? Long Post? Must Read!

Ready to post but not sure what a "Look" is vs. a "Long Post"? Keep reading for the answers you need!
What is the difference between "Upload a Look" and "Write a Post"?
Posts on PrismPop can be either a Look or a Long - both styles are considered PrismPop Content ✨
📸 Upload a Look: Pictures or Video - content that's first and foremost visual but still includes quick but detailed bullet points down in the description.
📝 Write a Post: Text and Photos - similar to a blog post, a Long Post still utilizes helpful images but, in this case, the text is the star. if your style is more narrative or you prefer reading over watching, try creating a Long Post!
How many pictures can I add?
💖Upload a Look: Multiple Pictures (up to 5) - collages are recommended to fit even more helpful visual info into your Look.
💜Write a Post: 1 Cover photo - 1000x560 pixels
(You can add more pictures in the description for both formats using the photo icon in the editor)
How to upload a video?
💖Upload a Look: Choose "upload a video!" - keep it under 1 Minute and .mp4 for best results 👌
What if my product isn't listed?
👍 That's OK: just upload your amazing content and be extremely clear about the specific product(s) mentioned.
If your content really impresses us, we will add your product so you can attach it to your post - even after it's uploaded.
How to edit a post after I've uploaded it?
After you've logged in, open "My Profile" in the right dropdown menu. Then click the "My Post" button on the page. There you can see all your posts and have the option to edit or delete them. Deleted posts cannot be restored. 
Why hasn't my post been approved?
PrismPop has very high content standards and not all posts will get approved.
Watch what's featured on the front page and in the newsletter, and keep creating! Keep improving your craft and you'll be a featured creator in no time 😉
If you have additional questions about making a post, comment below and we will answer your questions or add to this post!

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