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💌 PrismPop Color Club Tester Review 💌

I was so excited to receive my Prismpop Color Club Tester Bag.  Normally I wear powder gel but since every salon is closed my nails were in bad shape (broken, brittle, ridged, you name it). Once the hot pink package 📦containing the bubble-wrapped goods arrived Operation Make Nails Great Again ensued (⬅️ bad political pun).
💜Full disclosure, I don’t have good nails, my knuckles swell and my hands shake from a medical condition so reviewing a product on a part of me that I’m self-conscious about was slightly daunting. It is what it is, nobody is perfect (I’m talking to you Gigi, Naomi, Cindy 😉).  Hopefully, I did these polishes justice.
💅🏻By no means am I a skilled polisher but the brush size and quality made up for my shortcomings. It’s easy to apply evenly and drys quickly.  I didn’t find any of them to be scented.
Now for the lowdown on the lacquers: 
🔹Fresh Picked Collection 
I normally would shy away from this color but developed a newfound appreciation for the hue once it was on. One coat may work if your nails are in good shape but I needed two to do the trick. It’s a great color for spring, summer, festival and even 🎃. 
-  Opacity: Full coverage in 2 coats or less.
- Finish: Glossy 
- Color: Sherbet Orange 

🔹Midnight Muse Collection
This was my favorite. It covered all flaws in one coat and was pigmented from the jump.  I added a second coat to further the opacity potential but didn’t see a major difference. This color would work for any skin tone and season.
- Opacity: Full coverage in 2-3 coats.
- Finish: Glossy
- Color: Sage Green
🔹 Calm Before The Storm Collection
Appropriately name for these trying times but one coat of this creamy pale blue proved to be a remedy. It’s a bit pastel which reminds me of warm weather but can definitely be worn year-round.
- Opacity: Full coverage in 2 coats or less.
- Finish: Glossy
- Color: Gray/Blue
🔹 Matte-ified Metallics Collection
I’m a sucker for chrome so I was immediately attracted to this bottle (also how cute is the name) which is part of the Matte-ified Metallics Capsule collection. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as good on my nails. The matte drew attention to the ridges and flakes as opposed to masking them. I tried a second coat but the results were sub-par and I don’t think compliments my skin tone (the typical ‘fair’ is too dark for me). However, it grew on me after a couple of days so I used it as a base and topped it off with Yes of Quartz for a look I’m definitely feeling. 
- Opacity: Full coverage in 2 coats.
- Finish: Dries Matte
- Color: Rose Gold/Copper
🎨 🎨 Color Club makes Matte-erial Girl Eyeshadow to go with the polish!

🔹 Aura Energy Collection
I’m a huge fan of sparkle and shimmer so had high hopes for this color.  One coat gives nails a subtle but iridescent look and two slightly adds to the effect. On its own I wouldn’t normally be impressed but since my nails are in an awkward phase it works. I actually put it on over nail strengthening polish too and used as a top layer/coat it’s ideal.
• Opacity: Sheer Coverage
• Finish: Dries Iridescent
• Color: White Iridescent
💅🏻I’m definitely going to try more shades and believe it or not my nails look and feel stronger since I started using the polish. It’s been 3 days and I’m still chip-free!
✳️You can create an account on the Color Club site to receive exclusive coupons and join their Reward Program, where you earn points for each product purchased. In addition to nail tools, kits, and polish ( Lacquer, Gel, Dip, Nail Art) they also make several corresponding eyeshadow colors! ✳️

💜 What color is your fave/ Which shades would you combine?💜
⭐️LMK if you like/want to try & follow me so we can navigate this beauty jungle together ⭐️

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  • Melody Cooley

    I love the matte-erial girl, the yes of quartz...which might combine nicely. And feeling under the weather looks promising

  • Christy

    Congratulations and great review! I think it shows well for the product that you were able to use it so easily! And they are beautiful colors

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    Fantastic review❣️ I really appreciate your one-coat and two-coat pictures!!! Those colors all look absolutely gorgeous on you!

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I received this as well! My personal favorite was Martian Martian Martian, and I'm not a green person at all. I found out cobbler gobbler and matte-erial girl were both good for nail art, lines, dots and stamping. I didn't care for cobbler gobbler or feeling under the weather as I thought they were more thin/sheer and showed the lines and ridges of my natural nails as well as any mistakes while painting. Matte polish, as well as metallics are know for showing brush strokes so I wasn't expecting much, but was impressed with their formula. Also, btw I think your hands and nails looked great, no need to be self conscious! Stay safe! ❤️

  • Micheala

    I love these I can't wait to get mine going to order the mood changing ones

  • Nicole Hoffman

    This post is beautiful! I love. Your photos and I love how the color looks on your nails! You nailed this! No pun intended lol