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Prime essence VS Smooth and pore covering primer

Today I tried out the Touch in Sol prime essence and their smooth and pore covering primer, both products from the "No Poreblem" line. And I wanted to compare the two for you guys. 
Please excuse my face I had literally just woken up when I took these, lol.
The prime essence comes in a cute little tube with a serum type applicator end (which personally I feel elevated the packaging a bit). Has a heavy feminine vibe with pink and white coloring. 
The smoothing primer comes in a frosted glass container with a plastic pump at the top, an interesting mix of luxe and mundane. I like that you can actually see the product though.
The prime essence is somewhat watery and has more of a serum texture than a traditional primer. 
The smoothing primer has a very moisturizing texture that I love. It's very similar to the Cover FX primer in the way that it feels and applies, although it is much less thick. 
I applied each primer to one half of my face, and honestly, there's not much difference in my opinion. I personally don't often use primers and when I do its the cover fx one, because it's the best at filling my pores (which are my main skin concern) but even though the texture was so similar I just felt like the smoothing primer didn't do what it was supposed to as far as filling/ disguising pores. So if I had to pick one it would be the prime essence. Its super lightweight and once its on you can kind of forget about it, whereas the smoothing primer left an oily-ish feeling all day.

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