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Prepping for a safe but glowing holiday ✨PrismPop Giveaway

Today's giveaway prize:  Laneige Water Sleeping mask 10ml deluxe sample
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💌  What is your favorite product to use when you want to spice-up a neutral look? Is it an eyeshadow topper? highlighter? gloss? What is your finishing touch?
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Easy Sparkly Neutral Thanksgiving Makeup ✨🍂 Affordable + High End by Montse 
Stay Fierce out there! 🔥 Full Glam Thanksgiving Day Makeup Look 🦃 by Gabyareli Garcia
👑The winner will be announced on November 23rd @6 p.m. 🥰 
The winner from the previous PrismPop Daily Giveaway is.....(drum roll...)🥁
❤️Nina Benson❤️
Congrats, beautiful! You will receive an email from us requesting your shipping info so we can send out your products!

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  • Marija

    When I want to spice-up a natural look I use a bit of eyeshadow topper by Charlotte Tilbury in Rose Gold and Dior lip maximizer in Rosewood. The finishing touch is the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray so everything stays put and gorgeous.Please follow me back. Also pls check out my posts, like them and comment. 💞 By doing all this, PrismPop may award you 156 coins on EACH of my posts. Thanks 👍💋💚💛 💖💜💙

  • Victoria Eklund

    When I want to spice up a neutral look I always go for my Stila eyeliner in burgundy and apply it lightly to my upper lash line only. You can’t tell I’m wearing eyeliner and it makes my eyes pop.

  • Micheala

    Great review thanks

  • Stacey

    My favorite finishing touch to my neutral make up is always a simple highlighter!💜

  • Pauline

    My fave would be any product that offers sparkle in eye shadow wear, soft gold. My highlighting the cheeks is the same, ELF sparkle like rose or darker pinks. Want lips with glitter and a rose shade of gloss for a finishing touch. I do powder make up.

  • Uma

    I use eyeshadows at the top , and highlighter and finish with setting spray

  • Jennifer Henning

    I like using for of a natural look with eyeshadows, i use a little bit of a high lighter, and some cover up. For summer i love using more brighter colors of eye shadows and try to go all out to celebrate the wonderful weather!! Congrats Nina!!!

  • Deanna Straub

    Congrats Nina Benson! I feel like red lipstick could spice up about any neutral look. I usually finish up with powder. Thanks for the awesome posts ladies and thanks for this giveaway Prismpop.