Pixi Tonics: the hype is real!

Let’s talk toners! I’ve heard so much about the Pixi Tonics, particularly the Glow Tonic, so I had to see what the hype was about. I purchased this set of three mini toners about a month ago, and boy-oh-boy was I missing out!🧚‍♀️✨⁣

⚡️Glow Tonic: This 100% lives up to the hype. I had never used a glycolic acid toner before this, and now I see why everyone is raving about it! Me and my dull skin gotta catch up to all you glycolic acid junkies!!🏃‍♀️💨I’ve heard really good things about @deciem version of glycolic acid toner, so maybe that’s next on the list!⁣

🍊Vitamin C Tonic: Unfortunately this tonic didn’t do much for me. Vitamin C is normally an ingredient my skin loves, but the concentration in this tonic is too low for me to notice any visible effects. Pixi also doesn’t list the percentage of vit c in their toner.😐⁣

🌹Rose Tonic: Okay this one smells like heaven! 👼I absolutely adore rose-scented things, and this toner nails it! It’s a great moisturizing and soothing toner. I notice that my skin feels fresher and more hydrated after using.💧⁣

So my current toner situation is Rose/Vitamin C in the AM, and Glow in the PM, and overall my skin has been pretty happy!😍⁣

Has anyone else tried @pixibeauty tonics? ⁣

🏷 ⁣
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  • Pauline

    Pixi Tonic's would like to try them all! Good review on these skin toners. Love the fragrances for all of these.

  • Kelly K

    Great review! I personally have not tried any Pixie products yet but I've heard great things about this brand. That glow toner and the rose toner both sound awesome. The rose toner sounds like a heavenly toner. I love the smell of rose plus it's super moisturizing. The glow toner with the glycolic acid sounds awesome as well! Could you do me a favor and follow me back please? Thanks for your review!

  • Maggie

    great writeup! would love more pictures!! 😍