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Pink hair match

So this was when I had dyed my hair pink also was my first time ever experimenting with black lipstick - needless to say I fell in love with it almost immediately. It's a very simple look though and easy to achieve for just about anyone. 


I start off with a freshly washed face for a clean base, make sure all the dead skin and oil has been washed off. After that i lightly towel dry my face and from there comes the easier parts, I apply my E.L.F concealer to my face and use a simple make up sponge to evenly distribute it across my skin so that it gets everywhere and can be blended in properly. 


Once i'm done there I take some bronzer and try to highlight some area's a little bit, then i usually start work on my eyes. I use gel eyeliner I got from hot topic (don't judge) a few years ago! It's amazing and lasts for hours! Once eyeliner is done I move over to eyeshadow and use my Maybelline 24 hour black eyeshadow and my eyes are done!


Lipstick is pretty easy for me, I trace the outline of my lips with a black lip pen and then use black matte lipstick to fill it in. I'm not sure what the brand I had used was or I would've totally listed that along with this! Sorry guys! <3


It's a really simple but nice look that's able to be done by literally anyone! Thanks for taking the time out to read this post, enjoy your day and keep looking fab! xoxoxo

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Elf products are all at such great prices. Its a no brainer to go and try them. I want to try the concealer now. So that is something I have to go get to add to my makeup stash <3