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Perfect for beginners

this was the first setting spray i discovered and i used it up way fast and now i cant even tell yoy how many bottles i have gone through but this is really such a nice product

first the scent which i am sure the rose scent has turned many of you away instantly but the scent is fairly light and it doesnt linger after you apply either

i love using this before, during, and after applying makeup and its great to carry along to refresh during the day and while it does melt my makeup together and make everything just look blended beautifully it is definitely not one that will make yoy oily if you spray too much so every skill level will adore this i think too

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  • Kelly K

    Very, very cute. Love the hair!!! Could you do me a favor and follow me back please? I'm trying to get over 300 followers. Thanks so much! Have a great day!💜

  • Maggie

    gorgeous! wanna see closer 👀 💕