Pacifica Solar Complete Palette


Today I would love to show you some beautiful swatches of this lovely palette by the brand Pacifica! Literally this one palette is all that you need in order to create a variety of lovely looks. 

Have you seen the shade swatches? They are absolutely beautiful and super creamy! However I will say that there are no mattes, so I personally use these shades as toppers to have a super dramatic effect! This palette is composed of:

6 eyeshadows 3 super creamy highlighters, 1 bronzer, and 1 blush

Everything is coconut infused but it doesn't really smell much like it though! 

This palette is of course cruelty free, and free of everything that it should be! 

I really love this palette but I do think that there really needs to be some mattes in it and then it would be absolutely perfect! The shades as you can see though are super shimmery and very beautiful! 

Have you tried this brand before? Thank you for reading my post! Stay beautiful! 


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