Pacifica's Concealer is Giving Shape Tape a Run For Their Money!

Hi PrismPop! I'm Crystal and today I'm trying out the Liquid Cover Lasting Concealer by Pacifica!
The consistency is really smooth and creamy.
I’m using the color 14 Neutral Medium in this video.
The formula stays creamy so it’s easy to blend out and it doesn’t dry out.
My final thoughts: It's really similar to Tarte's Shape Tape. I love the shape tape, so I absolutely love this concealer, too, since it is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free!  Also, Pacifica's concealer is more affordable. 
Next, I can move onto Pacifica's Cherry Matte Translucent Powder, (Click here to watch that video now!) but that will be another video so be sure to follow me on PrismPop to see it! 

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Have a great day! See you next time!


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  • Sarah

    I love your videos and love the way you put on foundation and then concealer I definitely want to try this one!!