Oseque hand cure

Ultra moisturizing hand lotion is amazing! It works wonders and smells delicious. It's a rich moisturizing hand cream that nourishes and softens dry hands I'm so obsessed with it. It's actually one of my teenage daughter's favorite products as well you just put a little bit on and you just put it on like regular lotion instantly your hands will feel soft and look amazing. It's definitely one of my top hand creams that I use on a regular basis I always keep one in my car and one in my purse.

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  • Nicole Hoffman

    I like this stuff

  • Amanda Lingle

    I love a lotion that has a sweet smell. Coconut is amazing. I havent tried this brand yet though. Im just wondering if I should wait til spring to try. Scented ones in the winter arent the best for me since I get super dry skin on my hands from washing them so much. I use eucerin right now the intensive care one. Makes my skin feel super moisterized and sooo smooth and soft. Thanks for the review.

  • Dale

    My wife loves this lotion.