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Origins A Perfect World Creamy Body Cleanser With White Tea

I switch out my shower gels all the time, I just think that they're such a fun product to switch up in your routine! Lately I've been trying out Origins' A Perfect World Creamy Body Cleanser With White Tea* ($35 CAD), and I've really been enjoying it!
What it is? This lush, lathering cream completely cleans skin without stripping it of protective surface oils. Infused with a 100 percent pure essential oil blend, including, skin-renewing shea butter, apricot kernel oil, sweet orange and glycerin keep skin feeling comfortable, while the antioxidant-rich, silver tip white tea supports antiaging." - 
👃Scent and Feel There's nothing super fancy about this body wash in terms of scent, but the formula is super rich and creamy, and it lathers up incredibly well! I use all of my shower gels on a loofah, and that helps to provide you with an even better lather.
💕Who would like it?
If you have dry skin then you'll definitely appreciate how creamy and hydrating this formula is - you might even be able to skip a body lotion after your shower! You'll step out of the shower with clean, but not squeaky clean skin, which is what I always look for in a good shower gel!
😊Verdict If you're wanting to splurge on a high quality body wash, then I think that you'll be happy with Origins' A Perfect World Creamy Body Cleanser With White Tea. However, it is very pricey, and I normally prefer shower gels with a scent. So, this really comes down to how much spare change you have, and what you look for in a body wash. 
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