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One of the most useful palettes!!

Let me introduce you one to of my favorite palettes! I’ve been using this palette literally everyday since i bought it. It has two highlighters, a blush and a bronzer which are perfect to create summer makeup look. 
Rose Gold Highlighter: Peachy rose with gold shimmer
Hibiscus Bloom Blush: Soft warm pink (It looks so much like Luminous Blush in “Snapdragon”) Malibu Soleil Bronzer: Medium warm bronze 
Beach Nectar Highlighter: Champagne peach with gold shimmer

They are so soft and qualified. All the shades are very pigmented in one swatch and they blend beautifully. I love that the palette works, not just like a face palette but as an eye palette, too. Every shade in this palette can also be used as an eye shadow. Somedays if i have to be really quick, i just mix those two highlighter shades and i apply them into my eyelids and i also use the bronzer shade to define my crease. 
So, if you love useful palettes, this palette is one of the best options for you! 

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