One Kind Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer

Product: One Kind Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer

Packaging: Comes in a gray plastic tube

Description: Nighttime moisturizer with equal and and rosehip. Intense hydration and antioxidant rich nutrients for glowing skin in the morning and night. Make up optional. 

Directions: Apply morning or night to clean dry skin. 

Review: I used this after using their pore-fectionst mask. I absolutely love this!!! It has rose hip in it which is all the craze now. The scent is amazing and very relaxing. Moisturizers nicely leaving skin smooth, soft, and pleasantly scented. One Kind has a deal right now where you can get this and the pore-fectionst mask sample for $3. It's well worth the $ check it out if still available.

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