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¡Olè! To Olay!

I was so enamored with my Grandma Helen when I was growing up. She was the ultimate in beauty inside and out. She used Oil of Olay when it was still "Oil of Olay." 😉 I used to play with her makeup and her facial creams.

When I grew up, I proudly started using the same products. I use Olay daily. The Olay Complete is one of my summer go-to's. It's so light. Not as good for my dry winter skin, but it's perfect for summer!


Olay Regenerist is great all year long. It gives me a great natural skin look even when I don't feel like wearing any makeup!

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  • Pauline

    I've tried both products for a short amount of time. I prefer for myself the Olay Regenerist. Love daily moisturizer.