Olay Hungarian water makeup remover

I was pretty excited to try this cleansing water after I purchased it. I had heard great things about it so I wanted to try it out myself. I myself hate the oily makeup removers that leave my skin feeling greasy & yucky until I wash it off. I'm really surprised at how well this makeup remover worked. I tried it with makeup & without makeup. It removed my makeup rather easily & when I used it on my face after a long hot day in Florida with no makeup I was rather shocked at how much yuck came off my face! This makeup remover is fantastic. I normally just wash my face with soap so I never got to see what was actually coming off my skin when I didn't wear any makeup at all. When I use this product I use a makeup remover cotton round & actually get to see what's coming off. Which was totally mindblowing to me. Lol..... This remover doesn't really have a smell & when applied to my skin it doesn't dry me out which is nice. I definitely recommend this product & what's also great is it's not crazy expensive & will last a while because it doesn't require much to remove your makeup or just the daily yuck off your face. 

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