Okay whip mask

The play whip mask any of them are my go to! I use the night cream repair as well! I love play products! I use them 3 times a week once in the morning once at night now that its becoming winter and my face has went to severly oily to being dry 24/7! 

Okay whipped mask ans products are my go to and if you have a combination skin I highly recommend these products as well! They have done wonders for me and my mother! 

She also uses the age night repair serum she is 54. And looks in her latw 30s! Shes still is glowing and has been using only olay producta for 15 years! She has barelt any wrinkles or dark pigmentation! Her akin is soft all the time and looking young and elastic!

The price can be steal to someone who doeant like to spend money. But thwre deffentally in the more in expensive range and for middle lower class price range! Some of there producta can be very pricy but totally worth it!

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