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Oh K! Tester Bag - Masks and Chok Chok Time!

Very grateful to receive this Oh K! Tester Bag for reviewing.

This tester bag consisted of

  • Vitamin C Watermelon Sheet Mask
  • SOS Clarifying Leopard Print Mask
  • Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask
  • Jeju Mineral Lava Sea Water Hydrogel Mask
  • and our precious Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer!

 Vitamin C Watermelon Sheet Mask Review

It has a nice but light watermelon scent and has a cloth-like texture. Gives a cooling sensation when applied alongside an itchy one near my nose area. Mask sticks well to my skin and doesn't fall off while waiting. Required time to use: 10-20 minutes, I used it for the entire 20 minutes. I have a dry skin and that totally absorbed even the last bit from the mask. Be cautious when opening the packaging, some liquid will flow out. Still had some product left in the packaging after the mask was used. It is also sulfate and gluten-free. It is not tested on animals and it's suitable for vegans.

Result: revealed a glowy skin with reduced pore size. I like that it doesn't have a sticky feeling like some masks do. It's effective and so I'd recommend it. 

SOS Clarifying Leopard Print Mask Review

It has a lemon-like or citrusy scent and has a cloth-like texture. It contains tea tree and willow bark, hence the citrusy scent. During application, gives a sensation of heat being removed from the skin. It also gave a slight itchy feeling that is the result of clarifying the skin while removing debris or any dead skin cells. Required usage is for 10-20 minutes, I used the full 20 minutes. This face mask is not tested on animals and it's suitable for vegans. 

Result: after removing the face mask, skin looked brighter and felt lightly moisturized. Also noticed that the mask was completely dry since my dry skin absorbed all the product and craved even more! It clarified my skin and does what it's supposed to do, so I'd recommend it. 

Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask

Summer is here, so are sexy sandals. Wearing open sandals actually resulted me in an uneven skin tone. Luckily, I had the revitalizing peppermint foot mask handy! It has a strong but nice peppermint scent to it. The texture on the outside cover is plastic and the inner where you put your feet, is foam-like. I noticed that the scent of this foot mask was stronger than the watermelon scent. The application isn't very simple because one of the stickers for taping the mask together (the closure) came off. I had to remove it and then stick it so the sock won't open and prevent the product to come out. At the very beginning, it gives an itchy sensation on my feet. It also gives a cooling sensation. The required time for usage is 15 - 20 minutes, I used it for the entire 20 mins. I was cooking while wearing the foot mask socks, word of caution, please don't do that or try to limit it. The edge of the sock slighly tore off, luckily no liquid came out. Has a lot of product in each sock. For those who are not familiar with foot masks, just slip your foot into the mask, then use the tape to close and wait. Then remove and massage whatever is on your feet, into your feet. This product is not tested on animals and it's suitable for vegans. 

Result: made my skin look and feel nourished. Made my feet softer and smoother. I also noticed that there was less uneven skin tone after using it - and that's the first time usage. It is effective, so I recommend it. 

Jeju Mineral Lava Sea Water Hydrogel Mask

Since I've used hydrogel masks before, I am familiar with the fact that they can be tricky to manage. They are very slippery and can break off easily. Thankfully, this hydrogel mask was super easy to handle. It has a very light green tea scent to it and the texture is gel-like. I loved that it doesn't have any liquid dripping off when opened and used. Gives a cooling and a slight itching sensation when applied. It also lightly hydrated my skin.The greenish color makes it look like a gold mask. You can see from the image. One downside of this hydrogel mask is that you can't necessarily tell which side is front and which is back. They both seem to have the product on them. I used the side that seemed to have more product than the other one. This face mask is not tested on animals and it's suitable for vegans. 

Result: Made my skin feel very soft and smooth. It also brightened my skin. It didn't leave any residues like some similar masks I've used previously have. It is convenient, better than other hydrogel masks I've used before, effective too and so I'd recommend it. 

Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer

I used this moisturizer right after using the hydrogel face mask. I honestly can't brag about this product enough. It has a sweet perfume-like scent to it.The packaging opens in a unique way too. It has a gorgeous diamond-shaped packaging, a nice fragrance to die for and the ingredients make it one of the most innovative products that I have ever used. I am in absolute aww knowing that it contains ingredients like ruby powder, citrine extract and rose quartz. It is also sulfate and gluten-free. It is not tested on animals and it's suitable for vegans. Application: it's lightweight and gets absorbed quickly and easily into the skin, especially if you have dry skin like mine. 

Result: Gave my skin a nice glow, the intensity of the glow is just right for my liking. I liked the end result because it's natural looking. Lightly moisturized my skin too without making it look or feel greasy. 


Final verdict: I love all these products since they're effective and I personally didn't experience any side effects by using them and I would suggest everyone to try them at least once. 

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    I really want to try the hydrogel mask. Thanks for the awesome review of all the items.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    wonderfully written review. I loved the foot mask and watermelon the best out of our tester bags