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Oh K Spa Day

So today was spa day with Oh K! mask and more. After all the stress of the week I like to treat myself to a spa day. I like to start with a nice cleanser and end with a face mask. This week's face mask was by Oh K! Watermelon and peppermint foot mask algon with Oh K! Glow Moisturizer. I'll start my facial with a nice facial steamer to open up my pores abd promote blood flow. While my pores are opened I like to really get all the dirt out of them by usibg my pore vacuum. It's an amazing skin care product you must try. It helps to minimize pores and really gets the nastiness out. I repeat until all the steam is gone. I then exfoliate with Pixi Glow Tonic Pads. These pads are not harsh. They do let you know the're working by a slight tingle. I wash off and then I'm ready for my face mask.

I applied the wonderful Oh K! Watermelon Mask. It's so hydrating and refreshing. The mask stays in place well. It's kind of disappointing that there is no watermelon smell. After about 10 mins I flipped the mask for another 10 mins to get the full effect. My face was more hydrated and brighter, hints the Vitamin C. This is by far my favorite mask of all.

While this mask was on I applied my Oh K! Peppermint Foot Mask. This was my first foot mask. I have to say I really enjoyed this one. The smell was a nice scent of peppermint. Very refreshing and made my foot soft.

After my face mask was done I applied the Oh K! Glowing Moisturiser. I have to say this is my new favorite moisturiser. It's kind of a heavy cream so you don't need much. It applies thin and exorbs fast with a non greasy feel. 

I did a little man pampering with the Oh K! Hydrogel mask. Afterall our men need a spa day too. This mask was slippery and didn't not stay in place. The bottom half fell off in about 5 mins. He kept the top part on for 20 mins. After this his face looked more hydrated. He enjoyed this mask but it was my lest favorite.

I used the Oh K! Leopard Mas a week later. This is by far the cutest mask. I love the leopard print. This mask has no scent like the other masks. My face seems to be a little plumper and hydrated. I again used the Oh K! Moisturizer after the mask. Worth the price and works great.

Thanks Prismpop me letting me try these amazing mask and moisturiser. I'm really surprised at how well these mask work. The moisturiser is fabulous and is my go to at night.

Hope you enjoyed my break down of these mask I got to try. I hope your mask trying was as enjoying and refreshing as mine. Let me know what you think.

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