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Oh K skin clarify sheet mask

Oh K is a Korean makeup and skincare brand. They are self proclaimed wellbeauty explorers and always on the look out for beauty trends and advances that make a difference in your beauty routine that you can actually see and feel The Skin Clarifying Sheet mask retails for-$5 https://www.ohklife.us.com/collections/all/products/oh-k-sos-clarifying-leopard-print-mask This product is great for oily or blemish prone skin. It is made in Korea and contains tea tree oil which is known to fight off a number of Acne causing bacteria’s. When placed on the face it is not only cute but also very relaxing. It gives an instant cooling sensation and is great for an at home spa night. Overall this face mask is just like most typical face masks except with a bit more of a fun due to the print! I highly recommend it.

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