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Oh K! Revitalising Peppermint Foot Mask

Oh K! Revitalising Peppermint Foot Mask

I received this product as part of the PrismPop tester bag. This was my favorite product that I have ever used. It was so easy to use and made my feet so soft.

🌞Packaging:🌞 The packaging is green and super fun. It is easy to rip open and pull out the foot masks.

😍Scent:😍 The peppermint scent is light and not too over powering.

πŸ₯’ApplicationπŸ₯’  When I opened this package, there are 2 foot masks. It is easy to pull them apart. There are no instructions other than a few pictures. It is easy, so I don't feel that I needed them. You put your foot into the mask and then rub your foot for about 15 seconds.  There are tabs on the side that you use to tape the mask closed. I don't recommend walking around because when I did, the taps kept coming undone. I decided to just put my feet up and wait for 25 minutes.  The smell of peppermint was not overbearing.  When the time was up, I took off the masks and rubbed in the extra cream onto my feet. πŸ₯’

Let me tell you...My feet have never felt so soft!!!!

I would recommend these to everyone. I have flat feet and have callouses all over the bottom of my feet. This made my feet soft and smelled so good. Even days later, my feet are still incredibly soft.

What is your favorite foot mask? Is the scent an important part of deciding which one to buy?

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