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oh K! Happy feet!

Hello Awesome People just wanted to share my thoughts on this foot mask from Oh K! skincare. I have never used a foot mask before. I was super excited to see one in the package of goodies. I waited for a day of extra foot pain to give this product a good test. I know it doesn't help with pain but knew if my feet didn't feel any better after then it wasn't worth my time. 

Surprisingly I was so happy to use this foot mask. I will be buying more. I prepared my feet after a long day of being on my feet for hours painting.🚿 Once I got home I washed my feet then climbed into my bed to try my foot mask out. 🧦After putting on the weird bags on my feet and getting everything all set up I stayed on my bed watching a movie just to pass the time. Now I don't know if it was the mask or I was just tired but I ended up falling asleep.😴 I never nap unless I'm sick about an hour later I woke up. My feet felt so good the foot mask heats up a little as your feet are in them. You can smell the peppermint in the bags as soon as you open the package but the smell does get stronger as the time passes. Not a bad smell just strong enough to know peppermint is around. 

After taking the foot mask off my feet, I rubbed the extra serums into my feet and went of with the rest of my night. I couldn't believe how nice my feet felt. The next morning my feet still felt nice and soft like I spent hours get a pedicure. I think the foot mask was my favorite part of reviewing all the Oh K! samples. Now I will add the foot mask to my weekly extra love my skincare day. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day, remain awesome, peace.

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