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Oh K! Fun day for skin care

So let me tell you all! These products surpassed expectations! I spent the weekend with my sister and her son and decided to bring my new products since we all are into beauty! We all have different skin concerns and amazingly, we had a mask for each of us. 

💦 Jeju Mineral Lava Sea Water Hydrogel Mask: This is a totally different type of mask. First off, the package is huge. When we took it out, we noticed it was different. It had almost a rubbery feeling and was in two pieces. It looked really cool when she put it on so it was fun to look at. She had very dry skin and the moisturization of this mask is crazy. Her skin is glowing, soft and bright after this. She's in love. 

🐆 SOS Clarifying Leopard Print Mask: My nephew is a huge fan of Korean beauty so he was stoked. Also he is a teenager, so of course he has problem skin. After just ONE use of this mask, his pimples shrunk! Not gone of course, but holy cow. We cannot believe this! It has amazing natural ingredients including tea tree oil. Funny enough, he even asked me to buy him more so I am going to after I write this review! Even his redness is gone. 

🍉 Vitamin C Watermelon Sheet Mask: My skin is dull and pretty lackluster when I'm not wearing product. I figured the watermelon sheet would help with the burst of vitamin C and it did! My skin feels silky soft, is glowing and plumper, as in moisturized. I am very pleased. I even put my hand in the packet and rubbed the product into my hands and up my arms. 

Also, these sheet masks are so nice and cooling. We enjoyed sitting back, watching TV and letting our masks go to work!

Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask: So I used this yesterday after weeding my yard. I came in and took a shower. My feet were tired and achey so I thought... perfect time for foot mask. It felt sooo good My husband poked fun at me (in a loving way of course!) and gave me a good laugh. But when I took these off, I was very surprised. My feet were softer and the dead skin sloughed off! I thought they were just going to feel nice. So that was a nice surprise. 

Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer: This stuff is SO AMAZING! I first used it the evening I got it after I washed my face and it is so silky soft. I've been wearing it the past few evenings and the next day, my skin is so soft and luminous. This will be a staple in my routine. 

The next evening, my sister and I went out. My usual dull, lackluster skin was smooth enough that I only needed a little BB cream! I was floored. My sister has pretty bad acne and her mask was supposed to help with moisturization, but it calmed down her acne as well so that she didn't have to layer her foundation like she usually does. These products are amazing!

Overall my experience with this tester bag has been fantastic. Not a single product disappoints. I'm already planning on purchasing the leopard mask for my nephew and the moisturizer for myself!


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  • Kelly K

    What cute girls you have! I also did these with my daughter and we had a blast! Glad you girls were able to have a spa night too. 😊