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Oh K foot mask & moisturizer review! 💦

🌺Oh K reviving foot mask  & honeydew moisturizer review
Hi Prismpop fam, I will be describing my experience using these two products: Oh K reviving peppermint foot mask & Oh K glowing citrine moisturizer.🌺
Oh K reviving peppermint mask: Per the product's instructions, I kept my feet wrapped in the peel for 15 minutes. The mask peel is very large, it looks like it will fit all shoe sizes. After I took the mask off, I noticed how soft my skin felt! My dryness left, my skin looks rejuvenated and well kept. There’s a faint scent of peppermint, it’s light and provides a relaxing ambiance.
Oh K glowing citrine moisturizer: I first have to say the box for this product is unique and colorful. The jar size is decent and fits perfectly inside my medicine cabinet. I applied three pea-sized portions onto my face. The product blends well across the skin, you will not need to be heavy-handed with this product! My skin felt hydrated, smooth, and clean. I didn’t run into any issues using this moisturizer. It’s not harsh at all, I appreciate this as I used to struggle with a bad case of rosacea. Overall, I am pleased with the total outcome of these products!
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