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Oh K! Face Mask Virgin

I was so excited to open up my tester bag and see that I had three face masks to try! I had never used a face mask before, so it was a completely new experience.

🍉First, I tried the Vitamin C Watermelon Sheet Mask. The instructions seemed simple enough: Wash your face, put the sheet on your face for 10-20 minutes, rub it into your face. When I opened up the packaging, I thought that the smell was pleasant, but I didn't necessarily smell the watermelon. I was also surprised at how slimy the mask was! It was a little slippery and I wasn't sure if I had it on my face correctly. Thankfully, the mask was very forgiving and allowed me to keep playing around with it until I got it in the right spot. It felt nice and cool the entire time that it was on my face. It definitely made me feel refreshed. After taking it off, my skin still felt cool for about 10 minutes. However, the refreshed look lasted well after I took the mask off. 

🐆Second, I tried the SOS Clarifying Leopard Print Mask. I was very excited for this mask because I love leopard print! I liked the smell of this mask better than the watermelon one. Although this mask was slimy, it didn't stick together as much as the previous mask. This mask also left my face feeling nice and cool the entire 20 minutes that I had it on. The hydrated feel lasted a while after rubbing it in. However, my skin did not keep the cool feeling as long as the watermelon mask lasted. 

💧Finally, I tried the Jeju Mineral Lava Sea Water Hydrogel Mask.This was my favorite mask out of the three (I think it was my husband's favorite, too, because he laughed at this one the most lol). This mask was the most difficult to put on correctly because it was two pieces. It was very slimy and took a little bit of rearranging to get both pieces in place correctly. But, once it was in place, it stuck to my face very well. I didn't have to worry about it moving around or slipping. It completely formed to my face. My face felt very cool and refreshed the entire 30 minutes that I left it on. The mask also felt extremely smooth to the touch. After taking the mask off, my skin looked hydrated and refreshed. I was very impressed with this mask!

All in all, I loved trying out all of these masks and will no longer shy away from face masks in the future. I would use any of these again, especially because the little panda on each package is adorable!

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