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Oh K! Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask

 🍊🍉 The Oh K! Brightening vitamin C watermelon sheet mask was my least favorite of the Oh K! products I tried. 

🍊🍉 This mask boasts vitamin C and Watermelon as the main ingredients and is said to be anti-aging, brightening and moisturizing. 

💕 First there is no watermelon scent to this mask; there was no discernible scent to this mask at all. It's a pale pink sheet mask, it didn't sit as well on my face as their leopard print and hydrogel sheet masks and wrinkled quite a bit around my chin and jawline. 

😎 I left this mask on for 15 minutes. Initially there was a nice cooling sensation. As I continued to wear the mask I did notice the cooling sensation went away and there was a slight tightening and tingling feeling to the mask. 

☁️ ☀️ When I removed the mask the majority of the serum had completed absorbed. My skin feels soft, but didn't appear to be bright or glowy. 

Overall it was a nice sheet mask, but wouldn't be one I would reach for often. 

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  • Pauline

    Liked your posted pic's for this mask that I will comment on when I use it. I just got my bundle of 3 masks from Redeems. Oh K Masks it's the vitamin C everyone wants.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great review on this mask. This mask was my favorite out of the bunch

  • Bonita kasee

    I alot of sheet masks, ( especially vitamin c) lol I've tried alot of different ones, this one I think could benefit me, your skin looked radiant after the mask

  • Bonita kasee

    Aww, so sorry u didn't care much for the watermelon mask, me being the age that I am, I use alot of vitamins c, masks, I'd love to try this one

  • Serena

    Great post- I can’t help but to notice that leopard clutch in the background!💕

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