Oh K! Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask

Oh K! Brightening sheet mask in watermelon with Vitamin C. Nice package with watermelon slices on the front that just makes you want some. The mask is antioxidant-rich with Vitamin C to help with wrinkles, dullness, and uneven skin tone. It helps lock in moisture for that supple soft skin appearance and got summer days. It can be used daily in your a.m. or p.m. routine. When used apply on clean skin and let sit from 10-20min. After that gently rub the remaining serum into the skin. Do not use on sensitive or broken skin. 

I thought the mask was like the label with the slices but it was just a light pink color. No complaints because this mask felt super soft and squishy. Like really really soft you guys! The feeling is cool and relaxing. Easy to adjust on your face and smells nice. I can't pinpoint the scent but it's like watermelon, Rose's, and other flowers. Very light and great. Thankfully there was no burning sensation or any reason for me to remove the mask. After removing the mask I rubbed the rest in and processed to my next step of makeup. My skin didn't appear to be brighter of course not so fast but my skin definitely looked moisturized and felt smooth. 
I can see me using this mask twice a week because I like the feel of it o  my face and I think it can have an effect on my skin if I used it a bit more in my routine. I like a mask that feels great and smells great too! I'm oily skin type so it works for me. What is your skin type and have you use it yet?

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