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Obsessed with this cream!!!!!!

I think this maybe my most favorite product in the Prismpop tester bag! I was weary of this because I eat salmon frequently and I was not interested in applying a product that smelled like fish! I can assure you this product actually has a delightful fragrance and smells amazing! I applied this product under my eyes and this product does not have a greasy feel! My skin literally absorbed this cream entirely!! This moisturizer makes my skin look healthy! I am wearing this under makeup and honestly may have found my new favorite moisturizer! This product is high quality and and infused with natural and beneficial elements! My skin is so grateful for this product and when my skin looks good I feel good! 

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Lucky girl to be able to get this sample bag that is filled with such amazing products. This is an amazing moisturizing cream and yes at fish the word salmon can scare you away. But smells nothing like the fish lol. Leaves your skin super soft.

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