Nyx ULTIMATE EDIT swatch and review *ASH pallet

What's up everyone! It's your girl Nicole dropping by with another post about NYX ultimate edit palettes. I just received my ash palette in the mail today via Amazon. The first plate was broken ,but that's okay I can still show it off. Enjoy!

📣eyeshadow by Nyx. ASH PALLET 1 of 5 petite pallets offered on Amazon

📝apply eyeshadow to eyes, mix and match oh yeah!

📦🌈This pallet offered 6 richly pigmented shades to achieve a sweet Smokey eye in a nice plastic storage container

💵I scored this one for $5 on Amazon.com

🌿cruelty free product

🤓🗯 I have to say I liked this pallet way more than the *brights pallet I swatched and reviewed a while back, the colors were popping and the look was fab. I can't wait to try and show the other 2 pallets I have coming, so stay tuned for those.

Thank you for viewing! Have you tried any Nyx pallets? Which is your favorite? Wanna try this one hit the 😍♥and leave a comment for a chance at 156 coins! Follow for a follow ALWAYS. See y'all later ✌


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