Look nyx professional makeup slim lip pencil review and swatches 3
Look nyx professional makeup slim lip pencil review and swatches 2
Look nyx professional makeup slim lip pencil review and swatches

NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencils – Review and Swatches

I have used a lot of lip liners in my short life, from Huda Beauty to Estee Lauder to Kylie Cosmetics to Colourpop, to Pakistani brands like Rivaj and Christine. And I have always come to the same conclusion, each time: the more affordable brands turn out to be the better ones.
🤑The NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil is no exception to this rule. It is inexpensive, and often on sale at Ulta, which is why I bought eight of these babies to try and review.
🎨I have the shades Natural, Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Beige, Nude Pink, Ever, Mauve, Cabaret, and Burgundy.
👍These NYX lip liners are highly pigmented. All eight of the ones I own pack a punch of color on the lips.
👍The lip liners slide on very smoothly on my lips, but I still recommending moisturizing the lips before application.
For me, these are perfect for achieving a contoured look on the lips. No need to turn to the so-called “lip contour pencils” which are ultimately just basic lip liners masquerading as something grander.
These liners last through meals and drinks with minimal wear.
👍They can be used to line and fill in the lips.
🤑They are so inexpensive and are often a part of deals and discounts.
👎These pencils need to be sharpened regularly and I hate sharpening pencils.
💯Do I recommend the NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencils? You bet. I think this NYX Slim lip pencil will come in handy for everyone, from people who like minimal makeup and want to work with a few products, to professional MUAs. It does the same thing that $20 “lip contours” do, at a fraction of the price. And that is why I love it.
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