Look nyx professional makeup slim lip pencil review and swatches 3
Look nyx professional makeup slim lip pencil review and swatches 2
Look nyx professional makeup slim lip pencil review and swatches

NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencils – Review and Swatches

I have used a lot of lip liners in my short life, from Huda Beauty to Estee Lauder to Kylie Cosmetics to Colourpop, to Pakistani brands like Rivaj and Christine. And I have always come to the same conclusion, each time: the more affordable brands turn out to be the better ones.
🤑The NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil is no exception to this rule. It is inexpensive, and often on sale at Ulta, which is why I bought eight of these babies to try and review.
🎨I have the shades Natural, Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Beige, Nude Pink, Ever, Mauve, Cabaret, and Burgundy.
👍These NYX lip liners are highly pigmented. All eight of the ones I own pack a punch of color on the lips.
👍The lip liners slide on very smoothly on my lips, but I still recommending moisturizing the lips before application.
For me, these are perfect for achieving a contoured look on the lips. No need to turn to the so-called “lip contour pencils” which are ultimately just basic lip liners masquerading as something grander.
These liners last through meals and drinks with minimal wear.
👍They can be used to line and fill in the lips.
🤑They are so inexpensive and are often a part of deals and discounts.
👎These pencils need to be sharpened regularly and I hate sharpening pencils.
💯Do I recommend the NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencils? You bet. I think this NYX Slim lip pencil will come in handy for everyone, from people who like minimal makeup and want to work with a few products, to professional MUAs. It does the same thing that $20 “lip contours” do, at a fraction of the price. And that is why I love it.
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  • Jennifer Henning

    I just wrote a post on this but like I said in the other post I love these colors and would love to try them because I need some new idea's on making my lips look fuller and poutier lol. Doesn't hurt unless ur over doing it lol

  • Pauline

    Did not know that so many colors would be offered. Good to know were not slaves to natural red all the time. Want to try Mauve and nude pink. them all too. Thanks for the swatches in the photos and this review by NYX.

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    I would love to try them all

  • Kate D.

    Thank you so much for this very informative post, Maayza! It's very helpful! It's nice to hear that you've found that the affordable lip pencils tend to be better than their more expensive counterparts. I definitely would not have thought this at all. These NYX Slim Lip Pencils sound really awesome! I really like that you say that they go on smooth. A tough lip pencil is a big no-no for me! It's great that they're really pigmented. That's a huge plus, especially since you mentioned that you can use it as a fill in, too, which I love to do. I don't mind sharpening lip pencils, so no problem for me there. You made these sound so good that I am going to hop on Amazon after I'm finished on PrismPop and see if I can buy a few. The swatches look incredible, by the way! Those colors are SO pretty! I honestly think that I want all of them. I certainly have enough lipsticks to match al of the lip pencil shades shown.

  • haku izunami

    quick question did they help keep your lipstick from leaking or is it just for contouring and only works for that?

  • haku izunami

    oooh those are pretty colors and they came out really dark i do like them and they would work for lip contouring however i wish they had more color choices

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