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Buttery soft and silky smooth, taste as sweet as sugar cookie and make your lips look downright luscious ~ NYX Cosmetics has described their Butter Gloss as everyone's favourite creamy sheer to medium lip gloss that is not sticky and it totally just melts onto your lips!

🎨 NYX Butter Gloss is available in twenty-two shades ranging from the palest nude to the vampiest red; I currently own sixteen gloss from this range and some of the shades worn well, providing a great full coverage while the lighter shades looked awful on me.
The texture of the NYX Butter Gloss is soft and creamy, even with the driest cracked lips, these could still glides on smoothly without emphasizing lines and dry patches.
🌹 Each butter gloss has a yummy caramel scent that I am obsessed with and the formula feels light-weight and comfortable to wear, they are a little sticky; but they are also very moisturizing during wear. 
 Most of the darker shades could last up to five hours with a stain after removable and the lighter shades could only last up to half an hour.


  • ECLAIR a pink / the color looks gorgeous, but not very pigmented / worn for one hour.
    MERENGUE a pink lilac / applied uneven / worn for one and a half hour.
  • TIRAMISU a brown / looks like a gorgeous pink brown / worn for three hours.
    VANILLA CREAM PIE a mauve / opaque color payoff / worn for three hours.
  • CHERRY CHEESE CAKE an orange / great pigmentation / worn around three - four hours / left a coral stain.
  • MAPLE BLONDIE a deep peach / looks like a peachy pink / worn for three hours.
  • FORTUNE COOKIE a true nude / palest color of all / worst application / worst pigmentation / I didn't give it a chance to see how long it wears as it looks awful on me.
  • MADELEINE a mid-tone nude / gorgeous peachy nude / worn for two hours.
  • ANGEL FOOD CAKE a true mauve / one of my favourite / worn for four hours.
  • PRALINE a deep nude / looks like a brownish nude / one of my favourite / worn well for four hours.
  • GINGER SNAP a chocolate brown / another favourite, I love this color / worn for four hours.
  • CUPCAKE a hot pink / uneven application / the color is not as neon as the tube / worn for two hours.
  • SUGAR COOKIE a bright fuchsia / as not bright as it claims / good pigmentation / worn for three hours.
  • RED VELVET a deep red / very pigmented / one of my favourite / worn for five hours / leaves a strong red stain behind.
  • RASPBERRY TART a violet / looks like a sheer purple / worn for three hours and leaves a fuchsia stain.
  • DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE a deep plum / very sexy vampy color / full coverage / worn for five hours and leaves a stain.

  • what is your favourite shade?
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