Novo: Cinderella Crystal Eye Shadow Pallet w/ 18 colors

Novo: Cinderella Crystal Eye Shadow

 This palette is by Novo, It's the Cinderella Crystal Eye Shadow Palette. 

This eyeshadow has a unique plant moisturizing ingredients to protect the eye skin while delineating your eyes. Also  Cruelty-free ingredient and lightweight formula.

It has 18 different shades which are smooth and velvety texture powder, consisting of 10 highly-pigmented matte,4 reflective shades,2 glitter,1 pressed pearl and 1 concealer base shade

It's a Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Palette that can be mixed to your own personal preference. Each color can be used alone or you can have them blended together. 

My preference is to blend two or more of them together.  The colors stand out and show up without barely any effort to put tons of it on and the best part is that it stays on for over 24 hours, so you don't have to worry about constantly fixing your eye shadow. It is very easy to apply to your eyes. I like to use my fingers to apply this eyeshadow. I was very pleased and impressed with the colors and how long it stays on also how bright the colors turn out. 

The packaging is awesome. I love that it comes with a mirror inside and I love the glittering packaging on the outside of this palette. You can mix and match or just use one at a time. I'm more of a mix and match girl myself. I love the glitters and mixing the colors.

Definitely a great eyeshadow palette to look into.  It's worth it for sure and I'm in love with these colors. Another great benefit is the price of this palette was only $9.98, it's pretty cheap which I was actually surprised about how great the quality is and how long these colors stay on also how easily they apply on your eyes.

I was having trouble finding this palette so this is literally almost the same and does name a lot of the same colors. I'm going to share the link where I found it and bought it for the price I got it for. Hopefully it helps

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  • Stephanie Dias

    So pretty!!!!

  • Bonita kasee

    Wow, awesome color collection, 9.98, is awesome price also definitely gonna order this one, love those colors

  • Sabrina

    $9.98?! Whaaaaaat? I just love the packaging (and the price). But your description really seals the deal! Greta review. I just have one question...what look do the reflective shades have? I'm not familiar with those ones. Thank you. 💜

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