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not the anastasia for me

 nude colored folding cardboard basic design doesnt protect the contents inside at all ( trust me i dropped a palette once it was a very expensive mess) the powder itself was pretty smooth and blended really well didnt cake up if multiple layers were applied i used a blender brush to apply it and spread it out it was so soft it was almost like a powdery cream however i found it wasnt very shimmery nor very pigmented at all really and yes my skin is a little tanned but it didnt really show at all which is why i tried layering it. that didnt really do anything so im a bit disapointed the darks look like they should show but they didnt and i got almost no shimmer from the highligher overall an expensive disapointment i wont be buying this again as if i wanted a good contour set i would say even sephoras brand would do a better job

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  • AngelaB2222

    Thorough review. I don't mess with cheap packaging on expensive products. Learned the hard way. It is a deal breaker.

  • sally peabody

    Oh what a disappointment. Very good very honest review. I have dropped so many bronzers it is not funny . I have a small box filled and now well mixed full with a collaboration of maybe five different bronzers . I use it sometimes as it is shimmers and mattes. It looks okay. So packaging matters to me and this one looks very poor. Great advise Thank You !

  • Melissa Griffith

    I haven't had the best of luck with the ABH Highlighter palettes.They are very it and miss. I love their Amerzy Highlighter, but some of the palettes are very chalky and underwhelming, or chunky. Plus they can empathize texture

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