Nomad all day??

Hey y'all!

A week or two ago I posted about using the 🎨 Nomad cosmetics Berlin Underground palette. I wanted to show y'all how it held up after a long day of running errands.

** I don't use primer or setting spray when trying out a products wear 👙

👀 So here is my look right after applying.

🎨 Nomad cosmetics Berlin Underground palette colors I used:

1. Kreuzberg

2. NDW

3. Helden

4. East Side Gallery

⏳ Here is the look after 9 hours of running errands:



As you can see it did rub off some after the entire time but dang it's still so pretty!

👙 Wear: too notch pigment for almost 9 hours is crazy good (imagine if I used primer!)

💲 Price: $39 for the palette

💭 Opinion: I absolutely love this palette. The pigments are great and they last! There are so many great colors and looks I do with this palette. It's a no-brainer or me that it's worth the money.

To finish my look I used Clinique High Impact Mascara and TattooJunkee Lip Paint in Rebel.

Let me know in the comments if you have used Nomad cosmetics, what you think of my look, and anything else. Like the look and wanna try? Be sure to hit them buttons.


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