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No Poreblem Primer by Touch In Sol

*Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer*
Anyone who is looking for a hydrating primer, that diminishes pores, while controlling oil, should really give this a try! 
It has a silky texture and goes on flawlessly for a beautiful foundation application. 
- Smooths pores for a perfect foundation application  ☺️
- Covers imperfections 🙈
- Fixes uneven skin textures ⚖️
- Hides the look of wrinkles 👀
- Infused with collagen & green tea extracts 💧
- Controls oil & keeps skin hydrated all day ✨
- Longer lasting foundation after use ⏳

Have you had a chance to try Touch in Sol as a PrismPop Tester? How has your experience been with the products?
If not, make sure to sign up for the new tester bag!

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  • Kaytie

    My pores can appear very large u less I use a good primer. This one sounds like it would be good for me to use. Thank u for the review

  • Kathryn Harris

    I really like this brand, but haven't tried this primer. I have acne and scars that I need to cover, and when I have a bad breakout, my foundation won't cover it, so I've tried finding a good primer to help, and really I haven't found one I like I need to try this out!

  • Deanna Takahashi

    I think No Pore Blem Primer and Benefits Porefessional are the two best out there. If I can't find one I use the other. I will tear the house apart looking for them if I forgot where I set them down. I have so many different primers thanks to sub boxes, but most I have never even tried or opened, why bother nothing can beat those two.

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    This works great! I totally love this look

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I wanted this touch in soul tester bag do bad but I did get the amazing oh K tester bag. Great review and great information and tips thanks for sharing.

  • Kelly K

    You look very pretty!! This was probably one of my favorite products out of the entire bag. They are all awesome though!

  • Serena

    🤩 You look stunning! I love all of the pictures but the one that shows the steps/before applying and the results is so effective! Awesome job!

  • Pauline

    Great review and post about this product. The results with the use of the primer are amazing. Want to try this product. Hope to see it offered in Rewards.

  • Nicole Robinson

    You look so pretty in pink. 💕 Excellent review thanks for sharing.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    great review.

  • Naf

    Pretty eh! Great review too.

  • SweetPea V :)

    Great review! Your makeup is gorgeous AND flawless! Love all the pictures, they really do the product justice!

  • Jennifer Henning

    The more I keep seeing this products and the other products that follow with it I"m starting to get completely obsessed with No Poreblem Primer because it helps cover wrinkles and pore problems and any other problems you may have going on with your face that day. Still these products are too pricey for me though its very unfortunate because the results look so beautiful. this is a great review and pictures. Thanks for sharing this.

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