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No more fatigue with Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Infused with coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers, the Hangover primer greatly helps in boosting the skin’s radiance, at the same time, it promotes elasticity and hydrates while locking down makeup for fresher, longer and more flawless wear.
The product comes in a tube-like packaging with a pump dispenser that’s convenient when you need a quick fix. However, it might be of a concern when the product is running out as the tip of the packaging might still have some leftover product
That’s right, one pump is all you need for the entire face.
⭐Essentially, what the team at Too Faced did was to create a light cream textured primer that acts like an energy drink for the skin by replenishing moisture levels. It can be worn alone if you just want to moisturize and smoothen your pores, or simply add loose powder over and it works as well. Oh and it smells like coconut too.
I’ve been wearing it every single day and I find that my makeup indeed lasts a lot longer without my skin turning into an oil rig. I tend to oil up by midday but with the Hangover primer, even till the end of the day, the amount of sebum produced is not to the extent that I would need a touch-up.

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