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No Makeup For A Mask.. YIKES!


Two masks that are my go to's at the end of the day. The feeling you get after the Gold Foil mask lifts all the grime out of your pores is so amazing! You can litterally look at the mask you just peeled off and see dead skin cells and everything that gravitated towards your skin that day. All stuck in the mask results like that I like to see cause you know its doing what it should. Aveeno is also a great mask it gives you a baby soft texture to your skin. Making you feel refreshed and ready for bed or ready for a new day. whichever. I switch off with these two masks. One day i'll use Gold Foil and another day Aveeno. Such a pretty smell they have too!   

~..:*MASQUE B.A.R. Gold Foil Mask *:..~

~..:*Aveeno Absolutely Ageless PRE-TOX*:..~

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