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No foundation. No problem.

~☆*Oh K Chok Chok glowing moisturizer has you covered without the thick problems of summer heat. Get that glowing lit from within illumination with a moisturizer that harnesses the power of citrine, ruby, and quartz to uplift and light the summer days in clean, fresh healthy hydration*☆~


Hydrating☆plumping☆light weight☆buildable pearlescent glow☆non sticky☆


Rapeseed oil~citrine extract~vitamins~shea butter~


This powerhouse comes in a beautiful holographic hexagon shaped box that's made of strong cardboard. Top opening with side tabs to ensure safety closer. Comes sealed with a reusable plastic plug. The component is housed in a baby pink tub made of sturdy thick plastic. Lid is screw on and off easily. Very nice weight, fits in the hand perfectly ⬆️see photos above⬆️


If fragrance is an issue you may not like this one. It is highly fragranced but it's a fresh, calming slightly earthy floral scent. This scent does last awhile but it doesn't bother me to bad. I would like to see an unscented version of this moisturizer soon. 


This is a thick cream that somehow still feels light weight. Scoop a dime sized amount with finger from tub. Put a little on each cheek, forehead and nose. Carefully massage in product in circular motions. After product has been massaged in lightly pat the face with finger tips to help absorption and stimulate blood flow. 

                          ☆My experience☆

I've been using this product for over a week now. I apply morning after washing my face and every other day at night before bed after face washing. This moisturizer does sink into my skin quickly. My skin feels way more hydrated and plump. I feel like I'm wearing highlighter but I'm not even wearing foundation. When I'm in a hurry or it's hot out and I dont need to be bothered by putting on a full face. I reach for this amazing moisturizer and not only do I get more even tone. I also get a beautiful, healthy glow.  

                               ☆Final thoughts☆

I see results here. This moisturizer hydrates skin very quickly and evenly. I find the fragrance a little much however it hasn't impeded my usage of this product. I dont think I've tried a product from Oh K that I didnt like and hadn't given me positive results. I love the healthy glow this moisturizer gives me. I fully intend to continue using the glowing moisturizer. It's simply a great product that does what it promises to. Good job @ohk.us 

Available at ulta.com and @ohk_life 

Retails for $15 

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