Night Time Self-Care Ritual 😌 Skin & Body care to get ready for bed💤

This is my getting ready for bed routine! 😴
I start out by removing my makeup with the Byroe Rice Cleansing Sorbet which is a makeup melt. I apply it to dry skin and rub it all over my makeup which melts it away easily. This leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not oily. 💦
I follow up with the Byroe Salmon Cream as a moisturizer. It is a light cream that is very hydrating and good for use morning and night. I have dry skin and most other products only stops the dryness for a little while but this cream leaves my skin soft, supple, and smooth all day. ✨
Next I use the IOPE Wrinkle Corrector 2500 with anti-aging ingredients. I focus on the problem areas where wrinkles normally develop and this helps smooths out my wrinkles. 👶🏻
Lastly I use the Korres Body Butter as lotion for my arms and legs. This is my favorite step because it feels like an act of self-care. 🥰
Often times we get so busy that we forget to make the time to do nice little things for our bodies. I use this moment to practice gratitude for the day and to thank my body for doing so much for me! 💕

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  • Caer

    I wanna try this product, this looks so awesome!!

  • Nikki Lyes

    You have really nice smooth skin! I can tell.ypu really take care of your skin! Love your review as well! I always find it fascinating seeing other routines, and I always compare them to mine! Thanks for the great info!

  • Deanna Straub

    oh yeah, although you're very young, it's never to early to start protecting from the signs of age. Good looking out sweetheart.

  • Deanna Straub

    Another great video by Hieu. Great stuff. The Rice cleansing sorbet and the salmon cream look ultra luxurious. Very nice. The Korres body butter sounds wonderful as well. Thanks

  • Kelly K

    This sounds amazing! I need to try these! If I was doing a hair and body session I would use these 3 products. First I would use a hydrating hair mask. I like Hi Pro Tea Tree hair mask. Then use a face mask like ones from Oh-K Beauty. Finally I would do a foot mask like Oh-K Beauty Peppermint Foot mask.

  • Julia staffne

    I need a routine set to use on my skin I have tough skin because of my psoriasis and I dry out really face and I have saggy, wrinkled skin on my face do to weightloss and having to have teeth removed

  • Melissa Bricker

    I would love to try out these products.

  • Mary

    Great review of your product usage

  • Donna

    Those skincare products look amazing!😍 I love korres also, one of my favorite body moisturizer!💗 My hair-skin-body self care is....after I shower I spray not your mother's beach waves sea salt texture in my hair while it's damp, it gives me good waves and volume without having to use heat tools. Then I use either hempz triple moisture or hempz or sweet pineapple honey melon (when I wanna smell real good&sweet😍) on my body(or korres). Then my face I use a HA serum and (depending on dryness of my face) I will use kate Somerville wrinkle warrior gel moisturizer or it cosmetics confidence in a cream to moisturize my face and neck...sometimes I will put on a sleep mask instead of moisturizer (simple -hydrating sleep mask is one of my favs and so affordable!)💗

  • Serena

    Great job. I wasn’t familiar with Byroe or Iope before your video. The cleansing sorbet is right up my alley! Also love how your routine takes into account what your skin needs now as well as what will be good for it in the future (anti- aging products). On an unrelated note I always live your hair colors!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great video n review 👍! I go through about the same routine every night except one night I might exfoliate and another I might tighten my pores. One thing is a sure thing is cleansing with Pond's cleansing cream. I just got Glam Glow Bright Eyes Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream so that definitely goes under my eyes. And the best of all, Chok Chok Moisturizing Cream with Citrine. Thanks for sharing.

  • Stephanie Dias

    I would love to try out these products!

  • Naf

    Great products! I love the first one. The packaging of the others are nice too. Would be nice fo try these ones. For my hair+skin+body self-care session, I would use: marshmallow hair serum, olay serum and moisturizer, and Jergens body lotion. I use the hair serum because it makes my hair smooth and removes flyaways. The Olay serum and moistruizer, they work together to keep my skin moisturized and younger looking. The Jergens body lotion works quickly and effectively for my skin.

  • Sushi

    I want to try this routine! My routine is:First I take a shower. Then I use the Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Hairspray after my hair is dry to style it. Then, I like to use the Bath and Body Works Peach Bellini body lotion all over me. Then, I wash my face with the CeraVe Gentle Cleanser and use the Neutrogena Oily Skin Moisture.

  • Emily Thomas

    thanks for the video! i definitely want to look into some of the products you used that i am not yet familiar with yet

  • Daisy

    I would definitely want to try the products if it wasn’t for the price point. This is my nighttime routine: I take a shower with the L’Oréal Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner, dry myself and use the Weleda Skin Food Body Butter all over my body, and then use the Clinique 72-hour Replenishing Hydrator for my face.

  • Hibah

    This looks amazing. I have dry skin as well, and I love how the products leave you hydrated all day long. If I could give myself a full on self-care day with my favorite products, I would use the EVA NYC 10-IN-1 Primer for hair, the Tree Hut Tahitian Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub for body, and the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Cream Cleanser for skin.

  • Ja-Nee

    Great review. Prices are a little high but seems like a great routine. For hair, i like to use a leave in conditioning spray. It gives your hair the hydration it needs. I am using Shea Moisture leave in condition spray. For Body, i am currently using Vaseline Eczema relief cream. It is helping with flare ups during these hot days. For skincare, I am keeping my routine light. I am using Mamonde Rose Toner water, A vitamin C serum (CeraVe) and SPF moisturizer. (Olay Whipped)

  • Yvonne Peters

    This review gave so much information but was right to the point so there was no forgetting. The wrinkle cream is a must for me

  • Pauline

    I liked Rice Cleansing Sorbet melt away cleanser. Now at my age I need IOPE wrinkle corrector 2500? To remove all obvious and visible wrinkles. Mine are visible around the forehead and eye areas. Liked this posted review for all products given. Want to try!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Like the video and I do this routine already with less expensive products that work well for me and easy to find where I shop.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great routine and some amazing products you use.

  • Hallie

    I want to try that body butter! Right now for my self-care I am using SGX NYC Dry Touch Dry Shampoo because I can't wash my hair as frequently as I would like because of a broken ankle. I am also using @elinaorganics Heal & Restore Duo, Crushed Copper Purifying Mask and Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream. Elina Fedotova created Elina Organics with holistic principles. All of the products are 100% transdermal, fresh, organic, hand-made, and cruelty-free. They are free of artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives, artificial dyes, parabens, gluten, and soy. . The Crushed Copper Purifying Mask uses activated charcoal and kaolin clay to draw out impurities and toxins from pores. Fulvic Acid helps reduce scarring and discoloration, improving skin's protective barrier and balancing skin's microbiome to prevent future breakouts. Diatomaceous earth nourishes, polishes, and detoxifies skin. Copper has antiseptic and healing properties and can help to firm and rebuild skin by stimulating protein regeneration. The Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream is made for irritated, inflamed, stressed, and acne-prone dry complexions. Arnica and Spongilla are used to heal bruised and damaged skin. Colloidal Copper helps to rebuild collagen and elastin while speeding up the healing process. . The copper mask is massaged onto clean, damp skin and left on for 8-10 minutes before rinsing, followed by the healing cream. My skin is left feeling hydrated, which is awesome since most acne products are drying, but not this one. With continued use I have seen an improvement in my pores and overall complexion. . Thank you @elinaorganics for gifting me these products in exchange for my honest review.

  • Rita Whirls

    Great review. This sounds like a great routine. I need something like this to help my skin recover.

  • Robynne Williams

    I loved watching your nightly routine. It has just enough steps to feel pampering and relaxing but not so many that it seems hard to accomplish on a day when you are tired and worn out. My 3 products I would use for a nightly routine are Bobbi Brown eye cream for anti-aging protection against eye wrinkles, Burt's Bees moisturizer for my face, and I love to use Eucerin body cream for my feet even though it's made for eczema. I really enjoy the texture of the body cream on the dry skin on my feet.