Nice Feet All Year Long!

Hi PrismPop! 

In this video, I use Advanced Clinicals Tea Tree Oil on my feet. 

You can find this on the Advanced Clinicals website under ‘Face Oils.’ I usually find this product at TJ Max. 

I used this once or twice on my face after purchasing my first bottle, but then I switched to using it only on my feet. I figured, it has Tea Tree oil so my feet would like it! At the time I started using it on my feet, I didn’t know they marketed it as a foot treatment, but it says right on the package that you can use it on your feet, too! 

The main ingredients: 

Tea Tree: reduces skin problems like acne, bumps, blemishes, redness AND is an anti fungal ingredient. 

Vitamin E: Helps nourish and repair skin. 

Witch Hazel: Calms irritated skin (this one is more for your face.)

What I feel like it does: 

The tee tree oil “exfoliates” while the Vitamin E nourishes and softens. The two together help keep your feet nice-looking and callous-free all year long! 

The scent: It smells like tea tree! At first it can be strong (but good), but after using it repeatedly you will get used to it. 

The texture: it’s an oil! Pretty much a liquidy serum. 

Directions to use on your feet: 

  1. Apply to cleansed feet (after a shower or even before bed). Give your feet a mini massage! 
  2. Let your feet absorb the oil! I like to wear socks for at least 5 minutes. 
  3. Use DAILY! If you do not use it every day or every other day, you will notice your feet starting to get a little rough here and there. To keep your feet looking fresh and feeling soft, use 3-7 times a week. 

My final thoughts: 

This is my secret weapon to keep nice feet! If you suffer from callouses or dry, cracking feet from wearing heels or walking around barefoot, then use this and you’ll see your feet transform! 

I have used this every day as part of my post-shower routine for the past three years, and I have not had a callous since!

If you suffer from Athlete’s foot or really cracked feet (usually men), then I would recommend mixing a little more Tea Tree Oil into this product and consistently using that. It may take up to a year to see a transformation. 

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  • Micheala

    I could use this

  • Amanda Lingle

    I never thought to use tea tree oil on my feet. I have used it on my scalp. I get rough spots on my feet that I usually have to scrap off and let me tell you it doesnt feel the best. Now that i seen your review I am going to try this when I get the rough spots. Love that it will make my feet nice and soft. Thank you so much for the review.