Next Level Matte: Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayons Review

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These new crayons from Maybelline are very far away from what we think of as beauty inks. In my mind, an ink is liquid, but these, as you can see, are solid. Matte lip formulas have got more and more refined over the years and although I feel sure I’ve said it a hundred times about various new formulas, these really are a next level matte.Britishbeautyblogger Review Superstay Ink Crayons From Maybelline_1
They’re very soft, for a start, and not heavily saturated which I feel sure is the pay off for the formula. They do a proper coverage but they’re not the ‘wow’ level of super-saturation that we’ve seen with some. For me, this is perfect – a non-aggressive level of cover in a format that feels soft and light on the lip, but doesn’t budge or fade for ages. They’re so easy to apply (the crayon style allows for a lip line that you can then fill in) and of course, you can layer for fuller coverage – it doesn’t just all come out in one go.

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I know, I know.. between me and them, a mess of a swatch! I’m not good with a thin line so tried to make them a bit thicker – they’re much easier to apply to the lips than they are to the arm! You can see the colour well enough though. From bottom to top: Laugh Louder, Own Your Empire, Hustle In Heels, Accept A Dare, Make It Happen and Settle For More.Britishbeautyblogger Review Superstay Ink Crayons From Maybelline_3
As you can see, the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayons run through a good variety of shades from vampy burgundies to neutrals. They have a hidden crayon in the base so you can keep the nib sharp, but while they’re not particularly melty, if you’re going to sharpen, pop it in the fridge for a little while first.
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Again, bottom to top in the swatches: Treat Yourself, Seek Adventure, Stay Exceptional, Enjoy The View, Lead The Way and Trust Your Gut (which is an odd name for a lipstick!). At £9.99 each I think they’re a really decent summer buy if you like a matte or you usually don’t like mattes. I did not find them in the least bit drying which is one of my major problems with matte for me. Boots has an offer to buy one, get one half price so it’s worth buddying up with a friend if you don’t want two for yourself.
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