New here!

Hello I'm Nicole Fournier I'm new here I'm just checking things out, trying to get the hang of things, an I'm really enjoying the community an products! Thank you for allowing me to join this amazing community! I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, an happy! I look forward to being here as often as I can! Iv already wrote some reviews an followed some people an brands! Iv liked stuff an even entered the giveaway! So far so good! It's a lil confusing here but I'll figure it out lol but yeah it's nice to be here I look forward to engaging an such! Good luck everyone an hope you all are doing well!

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  • Kelly K

    Welcome!! I'm new here too😁 I'm still trying to figure things out here myself but so far it's been fun. The people in this group are all super nice and helpful. Hope you have a great day! 💅💄

  • Kelly K

    Welcome!!! I'm new too. Still trying to figure things out but so far it's been fun. A lot of really nice people.

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Hi🤓 if you need anything, you can click on my name in PINK and it will take you to my page, I have a lot of helpful tips to help newcomers! You gotta did for them though lol prismpop is AMAZING, stick with them and you won't be sorry

  • Maggie

    Welcome!!!! ❤️